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Pepperdine University is a Christian institution committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian
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The Graziadio School of Business and Management enjoys a national
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Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this program, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree with an acceptable grade point average from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent from an international college or university.
  • Minimum of two years of work experience.
  • Completed Pepperdine University application form, including 1 required essay, and resume with a payment for the nonrefundable $150 application fee.
  • Qualified candidates are eligible for a GMAT alternative if they have three years of full-time work experience and a quantitative Bachelor's degree (STEM degree). A Master's degree may also qualify as an alternative.
  • Official transcripts from the applicant’s bachelor’s degree (must be received from the undergraduate university).


Course Name Credit Hours
Personal and Leadership Development Workshop 1
This workshop orients students to the MBA program. Each student receives guidance on ethical behavior and personal career development and learns to form effective business teams. This workshop is taken in conjunction with BSCI 651 Behavior in Organizations.
Behavior in Organizations 4
This course teaches students to apply the behavioral sciences in management issues through integration of conceptual and experiential approaches to self-awareness, perception, communication, motivation, productivity, group behavior processes, leadership, organizational change, diversity, ethical issues, career planning, and the management of personal and organizational stress.
Accounting Information and Control Systems 4
This course provides a structural model of business and its operation. Financial accounting information is examined as a means to make rational strategic decisions. Students are taught to gauge a firm’s position of liquidity and profitability.
Quantitative Analysis for Business Operations 4
The focus of this course is on the application of quantitative analysis techniques to strategic business decision making. The course is designed to support the integration experience and includes an introduction to production and service operations. Specific business modeling applications include forecasting, decision analysis, simulation, linear programming, and project management.
Prices, Profit, and the Market Economy 4
This economics course examines the domestic and global production and distribution of goods and services as guided by the market economy. Emphasis is on how the firm remains competitive through the improvement of resource allocation, production, and profits under changing economic conditions.
Information and Process Systems 4
Modern information business processes must make efficient use of resources, be effective in meeting growing consumer demands, and be readily adaptable to changes in the environment. This course examines production processes and service delivery processes, their different information requirements, and the critical role of information systems in supporting them.
Political, Regulatory, Ethical, and Legal Issues of Business 4
This course examines the impact of the diverse political and social forces upon business and the law. Students will explore the historical, cultural, political, philosophical, and religious foundation of the legal and social systems as they relate to the ethical and profit dimensions of the economic complex. Honing critical thinking skills is accomplished through analysis of the above in relation to policy and implementation procedures inherent to the international and domestic markets.
Marketing Management 4
This course analyzes the environment relevant to the creation and distribution of goods and services. This environment includes the global, ethical, political, social, legal, and regulatory issues. The course examines buyer behavior, marketing research, and marketing information from a managerial perspective. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of marketing concepts to case problems and the student’s current employment experiences.
Course Name Credit Hours
Financial Management of the Firm 4
Students learn to define, comprehend, and apply a market-driven theory for ethically based, strategic financial decisions. Important issues include the return and risk of the activity in which to invest, the size of the investment, and the sources for financing the investment. Each decision is part of the overall financial strategy that adds value to the shareholder. Topics include financial markets, financial reporting, cost of capital, portfolio analysis, capital structure, dividend policy, options, cash management, and international monetary issues.
Integration in Business Operations 2
The purpose of this integration module is to provide an experiential learning opportunity to allow students to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the core curriculum to managing a simulated business. The focus of the integration module will be on making decisions related to the internal operations of the firm. Students working in groups will assume the role of the senior management team responsible for running the simulated business.
Concentration Course*: Finance 4
Students have the opportunity to focus their MBA experience by choosing courses in one of four elective concentrations that best fits with their desired educational goals. See "Personalize Your Program" below for further details.
Concentration Course*: Marketing 4
Students have the opportunity to focus their MBA experience by choosing courses in one of four elective concentrations that best fits with their desired educational goals. See "Personalize Your Program" below for further details.
Concentration Course*: Leadership & Org. Change 4
Students have the opportunity to focus their MBA experience by choosing courses in one of four elective concentrations that best fits with their desired educational goals. See "Personalize Your Program" below for further details.
Concentration Course*: General Management 4
Students have the opportunity to focus their MBA experience by choosing courses in one of four elective concentrations that best fits with their desired educational goals. See "Personalize Your Program" below for further details.
Strategic Management 4
This capstone course examines the running of an enterprise from the chief executive officer’s point of view. It is designed to help students conduct external and internal assessments of an organization, identify its key strategic issues, identify and choose from alternative strategies, and defend those decisions. This course is taken after completing all required core courses, except for the final simulation, STGY 670c Integration in Business Operations: Strategic Management, with which this course is taken in conjunction.
Integration in Business Operations: Strategic Management 1
This integration course covers all core courses, and the focus is on integrated strategic management. This course is taken in conjunction with STGY 659 Strategic Management.
* Choose one of four elective concentrations.

Total Credit Hours: 52


Personalize your program

A Specialized Degree Designed to Stand Out

A distinctive feature of Pepperdine University’s Online MBA is the ability to customize your degree to fit your specific interests and career goals.

Focus your MBA by choosing one of four elective concentrations:

Paul White
Class of 2016
B-757/767 First Officer, UPS Airlines

Finance Concentration

Course Descriptions

FINC 667 Global Capital Markets and Institutions 4 trimester units
This course examines the operations of financial markets and financial institutions in allocating capital in an international macroeconomic environment. Specific topics include history of the international financial system, foreign exchange and exchange rate determination, the balance of payments, open economy macroeconomics, corporate financing in international capital markets, and hedging and arbitrage.
FINC 668 Valuation and Corporate Combinations 4 trimester units
This course examines methods for measuring and managing the value of companies. Valuation methodologies studied include discounted cash flows, discounted abnormal earnings, comparable, liquidation, replacement cost, and book value. Among the transactions studied are mergers, acquisitions, hostile takeovers, going-private transactions (MBOs and LBOs), asset restructuring, and voluntary and involuntary liquidation.
FINC 669 Investments and Portfolio Management 4 trimester units
This course establishes the foundations for analysis of optimal security selection, examines procedures for constructing investment portfolios, and considers strategies that investors can employ to meet various alternative investment objectives. The full scope of the investment management opportunities is considered by examination of investment across all classes of securities (equities, fixed-income instruments, real estate, derivatives, etc.) in both domestic and foreign markets.

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Janelle Valasquez
Class of 2015
Professional Actress, The Public Theater

Leadership Concentration

Course Descriptions

OTMT 670 Advanced Principles of Organizations and Leadership 4 trimester units
This course examines the interactions among human resources, technologies, organization design, external forces, and management practices from a macro-organization perspective. Study concentrates on organizations as systems and managerial, technical, structural, and cultural subsystems as they relate to the broader environment. The course also examines the concepts of system design, work design, and management theory.
OTMT 672 Organizational Dynamics and Managing Change 4 trimester units
Contemporary organizations exist in social, political, and economic environments that change rapidly and unpredictably. This course deals with how to manage changes by looking at strategy, organization design and processes, and multi-organizational systems. Specific topics include traditional and contemporary approaches to change management, organization learning, consulting skills, and organization development.
OTMT 617 Leadership Theory and Practice 2 trimester units
Leadership is a multi-faceted and even controversial topic; still, it remains one of the most studied and least understood of human endeavors. This course explores the major theories and approaches of leadership to prepare individuals to understand, develop, and accept complex leadership roles. This course seeks to bridge leadership concepts to leadership actions by applying leadership theory to case situations.
OTMT 673 Creativity and Innovation for Leadership 2 trimester units
Business leaders must respond to such contemporary realities as the information explosion, intense competition, accelerated social and technological change, fresh expectations from new generations, and ever-higher customer demands. Therefore, contemporary leaders must be more and more creative and innovative. This course focuses on imagination and invention (“creativity”) and on the productive results of such processes (“innovation”).
GSBM 693 Global Business Intensive 2 trimester units
Hosted by partner schools, Global Business Intensive focuses on critical aspects of doing business in the global economy. The course consists of lectures by distinguished faculty members of the partner schools and recognized experts from companies and research centers on a variety of contemporary business issues. The course involves a series of seminars covering such topics as international economics, culture, marketing, finance, and political and legal context.

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Clifton Myers
Class of 2015
Sales Analyst, Unilever, Walmart Team

Marketing Concentration

Course Descriptions

MKTG 680 Global Brand Management 4 trimester units
Modern brands are a powerful force transcending the world’s borders, economies, and cultures. This course introduces the student to the global brand dynamic, and focuses on why a global brand is important, how to nurture and protect a global brand, and the importance of the brand’s authenticity in the formation of the consumer’s brand trust and commitment.
MKTG 681 Market Innovation and Commercialization 4 trimester units
This course is designed to help students deepen their understanding of innovation in context to the commercialization of a firm’s market offering. This course will address a broader definition of “market offering” to include product, service, information, technology, idea and/or experience offered by an organization to a market to satisfy a need or want. In the course the student will be exposed to the strategic business imperatives for innovation; contemporary academic and practitioner theories of commercialization, adoption and diffusion; and the role of innovation in organizations.
MKTG 682 Marketing Communications in the Digital Age 4 trimester units
This course studies the process by which marketing programs are planned, developed, executed and measured through exploration of the various strategies, tools and techniques used in traditional and digital age marketing.

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Tara Clark
Class of 2015
Commercial Operations Lead, Genomic Health, Inc

General Management Concentration

Course Descriptions

The General Management concentration allows for a broad selection of any 12 units of MBA electives.

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Online Master of Business Administration
(2017-2018) Tuition and Fees

Total Tuition: $89,180
Per Term: $6,860 - $13,720 (4-8 credits)
Credit Hour: $1,715

Financial Aid

To start, visit the Financial Aid Application Guide.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding financial assistance, feel free to contact our Financial Aid Office by calling (310) 568-5530. The office is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic
Progress Policy

Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic
Progress Policy

To learn more about our SAP policy, please visit:

Financial Aid

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Get the Support You have Earned

Merit Scholarships

Pepperdine's new online MBA merit scholarship program allows qualified applicants to earn a world class education while receiving financial support!
Our scholarship ranges from $12,000 to $39,000 and helps deserving students in these challenging economic times.

In some cases, we will even match a scholarship awarded to an accepted student at another institution, up to 100% of Pepperdine’s tuition.

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Merit Scholarships for eligible GMAT scores and a 3.0+ GPA:

Matching Scholarship Program

Referral Scholarship

Students who are referred by alumni or students and are accepted into the program will receive a $2,500 scholarship applicable toward their first trimester.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Those referring must register each person they are referring online by completing a simple online referral form. This form must be received prior to the student's application to be eligible for the referral program.
  2. Referred student must complete an advising appointment with a pre-admission counselor.
  3. Referred student must meet all admission requirements for the program to which they are applying and be accepted by the Office of Admission.
  4. Scholarship award is not valid for students who have already applied to the program, been accepted into the program, or are currently enrolled in the program.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information.

More scholarship options


Pepperdine University agrees to allow 10% off of the gross tuition and will waive any Standard Application Fees for prospects employed by qualified corporations.

Contact us for more information.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Pepperdine proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program awarding students up to half the tuition not covered by the standard per unit benefit.

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Accreditation and Rankings

Dedicated to Learning and Committed to Quality

Pepperdine University offers the MBA online through its prestigious Graziadio School of Business and Management, which is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This accreditation honor is bestowed on less than 5 percent of business schools worldwide. The School promotes the philosophy that successful management seeks collective good along with individual profit and is anchored in core values such as integrity, stewardship, courage, and compassion.

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Pepperdine University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a 501(c)(3) organization recognized as one of six regional associations that accredit public and private schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. The Western region covers institutions in California and Hawaii, the territories of Guam, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, the Pacific Basin, and East Asia, and areas of the Pacific and East Asia where American/International schools or colleges may apply to it for service.

WASC can be contacted at:
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100
Alameda, CA 94501

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The highly regarded Graziadio School of Business and Management is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

AACSB International can be contacted at:
AACSB International
777 South Harbour Island Boulevard, Suite 750
Tampa, FL 33602-5730

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Recognized Among the Nation’s Best

U.S. News & World Report ranked the program among the Top 15 Best Online MBA Programs in 2016.

Princeton Review ranked the Graziadio School No. 3 for Greatest Opportunity for Women and No. 8 for Best Green MBA in 2016.

Forbes ranked the Graziadio School the No. 10 Most Entrepreneurial University in 2015.

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