Jan Morales

Jan Morales, MBA

Jan Morales
Enrollment Advisor


“Being a part of the education industry has been worthwhile and rewarding over time. It is a true blessing to be able to assist someone who is set on reaching new heights. For career advancement, and as a personal achievement, pursuing an MBA is a fulfilling endeavor. Especially knowing there is a great return on the investment. Taking the initiative to gather information is the beginning of your MBA journey. At times, it may seem overwhelming, but that is what our team is here for. We will inform, guide, and advice you through the process.”

For my undergraduate degree, I attended the University of Michigan’s School of Literature, Science & the Arts, where I attained a BA in Organizational Studies. There I learned that my passion was for understanding business and the marketplace. This led me to eventually pursuing an MBA with Belhaven University. After many years in the faith-based publishing arena, I entered the world of education. In the front end, I have had the opportunity to tutor foster children. On the back end, I advise candidates that are interested in Pepperdine’s online FEMBA program. Myself, attaining an MBA at night, while developing a full time career, I understand the concerns my potential candidates face.

On my leisure time I enjoy cycling, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and competing in triathlons. In general, I enjoy anything outdoors, that includes being under the sun.

I can be reached at (877) 615-0148, ext. 5270, or j.morales@onlinemba.pepperdine.edu

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